2015-04-28 06:00Events//#01 Brisbane Monthly Tournaments//

Tekken Time!
This will be the first event in our BMT series.
BMT will be a monthly event hosted at the Jackpot Dining Westend Function room.
Every week we will be running the tekken league adopting the ladder system posted in the Queensland Tekken page last week
As well as different tournament each month.

May event: TEAM BATTLE mode, 3v3, one character each. Double elimination.

Entry cost: TBC (Currently sitting at $30per/person Including food/drink.)
Door Open 11:30pm
3v3 Start: 1:30pm

As always we need setups. People that provide gear will get a discounted entry fee.

Source: Facebook

When: 2015-05-09 12:00:00
Where: Jackpot Noodles West End, 132 Boundary Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4101